Mathematics-C12/C34/M1-M3( EDEXCEL) ; P1-P3 ( M1/M2)-Cambridge

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0775378497 0776819715 (Scientas)
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Scientas is a private institution with curricula designed to provide a comprehensive coverage of the relevant subject and thereby enable students to perform optimally at the examination. ** Classes are conducted by postgraduate(Msc qualified) teachers with teaching,industrial and research experience. * Rapid, thorough coverage of syllabus material for IGCSE/GCSE and IAL (edexcel and Cambridge) * MCQ paper analysis and elucidation of quick methods(mathematical and theoretical) for solving problems analytically. * All concepts covered within a short span, allowing students to manage time efficiently. Subjects offered; Cambridge / Edexcel A/L & O/L : Maths, Further pure maths, Biology, Human Biology, Chemistry, Physics Cambridge / Edexcel primary and lower secondary: Science, Maths,English Cambridge / Edexcel / Local Grade 1 to A/L : English