Brightly College
477 R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 00400
Since : 2022



Brightly College caters particularly for ambitious and forward-thinking young men and women who intend to move onto leading Universities overseas (or here in Sri Lanka). They realise that the world is changing rapidly; and are desperate to keep up with what is already happening elsewhere. So because of this, individual Higher Education and Careers advice forms a central part of what Brightly offers to every student. As well as teaching a combination of traditional Academic subjects (including the Sciences, Humanities and Commerce subjects), Brightly College also offers a range of "newer" A Level subjects (like Marine Science, Psychology and Travel&Tourism), all of which are strongly relevant in today's world, where the old distinction between academic and vocational subjects is irrelevant to the future job market. Additionally, within the curriculum, we help all studentsdevelop a set of core Life Skills which will be vital for success in the future

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