Business School
D.S Seenayka Street,Hillcity Complex, Kandy
Since : 2017

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The Business School initiate to build future and present generation of Srilanka to be the entrepreneurs through a strongest business progeny. Main concept of building Business School is to create strong and professional entrepreneurs globally from young generation in the country. The Business School offers courses in a range of subjects such as E-Commerce, Spoken English, Business Management, CBF, DBF, Web designing, Graphic Designing and Life well-being Management systems classes. The aim of The Business School to bring forth the Younger generation of leaders and intellectuals who possess the right mixture of strategic sense and inherent understanding of how their thinking, skills and talents could be applied in achieving their Goals. Our courses are internationally recognized and extremely affordable, they will equip you with the study skills and business-orientated thinking critical to modern, global commerce.


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