Mathematics classes for Grade 6-11

Mrs. Prathibha Kandawala (Female)
BSc(Physical Science)
Experience : 1 Year
Occupation : Full Time Tutor
Age : 28 Years old

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Maths Home visits. Group or individual classes conducted by a female teacher around Matale, Naula, Palapathwela. Special features: Daily practices. Special preparation for exam. Individual attention for all students. 1 day free trail class.

Subjects or Courses
Classes are conducted in following languages

Sinhala Medium English Medium 


Grade 6 to 9 (Local) Grade 6 to 9 (International) Ordinary Level (Local) 

Offered Classes
Private (Individual) Class Group Class 
Venue or Location
Matale Naula Palapathwela Madawala Ulpotha Ukuwela Nalanda 

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