Online ICT teacher for grade 10, O/L and A/L

Ms. Nemitha Raveenthiramoorthy
Undergraduate student at University of Vavuniya
Experience : Volunteer teaching 2 years, Online personal classes 1 year
Occupation : University/ College Student

Hiiii, I'm Nemitha Raveenthiramoorthy. I'm a university student in Sri Lanka. I'm excellent in Tamil and really good at English. I can teach you Information Technology. I will teach you in a kindly manner. You can easily ask your doubts without any inconvenience. I'll surely make you feel better when you study with me. I explain which way you prefer. You can contact me anytime if you want. You easily prefer your studying time to what you like. I can help you. Thank you. Best of luck.

Classes are conducted in following languages

English Medium Tamil Medium 


Grade 6 to 9 (Local) Grade 6 to 9 (International) Ordinary Level (Local) 
Advanced Level (Local) Information Technology Exams e-Learning and Distance Learning 

Offered Classes
Online Classes via Internet 
Venue or Location
Manipay Vavuniya South Pandaterippu Sandilipay Ilavalai Jaffna 

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