Science For Technoogy

Mr. kalana Rajapaksha
BET(Hons) Construction and Building Services
Experience : Demonstrator at USJP,FOT----QA/QC Engineer CHEC,port city---- Lecturer at University college
Occupation : University/ College Teacher

A for SFT +++++++++++ your teacher ++++++++++++++ ***Island Ranked in 2015 Technology Stream *** First batch graduate of BET(Hons) construction and Building Service Graduate ( 2nd Upper), FOT,USJP *** Demonstrator in the Faculty of Technology, USJP *** Lecturer in University college (first lecturer from the technology stream) *** more than 4 years of teaching experience (English and Sinhala medium) special for weak students. Free scholarship for first in the class.

Classes are conducted in following languages

Sinhala Medium English Medium 


Advanced Level (Local) 

Offered Classes
Private (Individual) Class Group Class 
Venue or Location

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