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Mr. Thilina Mahathelge (Male)
Experience : 7 Years Exp
Occupation : Full Time Tutor
Age : 36 Years old

Specialized in English language teaching and training for teenagers and adults. You can learn under the guidance of qualified lecturer “Thilina Mahathelge” and our Let’s Talk - Speaking Club will be the place where all of our students build up their confidence and speak English naturally. If you are willing to take up or still struggling to get through IELTS, we will make sure that you sit in a much comfortable place as our breath of experience will be helpful to you to be in where you want. We’re always eager beaver to take you to the extra mile if you are willing and we will move heaven and earth for you to become one of the best speakers of English. කොච්චර පංති ගියත් තාමත් ඉංග්‍රීසි කතා කරන්න බැරිද? එකතුවන්න අපගේ Let’s Talk - Speaking Club එකත් එක්ක. තවත් grammar ඉගෙන ගන්න ඕන නෑ..... අමතන්න අදම............ 071 60 400 40

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