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Mr. Chandima Wijerathna Wijerathna (Male)
B. Arch / Msc. PG . MIT
Experience : 10
Occupation : University/ College Teacher
Age : 33 Years old

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Your Archi Class is the leading Class Which Support for the Aptitude Tests in University Of Moratuwa. At the Moment there is more than 100 Student Who Follow your Archi Class working As Architects / Designers / Fashion designers in The industry. We guarantee on your results . 01. You can join class which held on below mention time Schedules, Sunday 8.00 AM to 12.30 PM 02. We Give the Priority to All of the Students/ Class Is Full of Learning Activities , We are not divide students according to their Subjects - we work all as a One team. 03. From A to Z , Learning - Video lessons / Practical Lessons / Theory lessons in the class time, teacher will provide his Full Attention to all of the Students. we will provide Colour Tutes / Past Papers / CD & DVDs

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Sinhala Medium English Medium Tamil Medium 


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