London O/L, A/L AS & A2 Biology

Ms. Quaily Ratnajothi (Female)
BSC (Hons (Biomed 2:1)
Experience : 4 years
Occupation : Unemployed/ Between Jobs
Age : 26 Years old

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London) O\L A/L Cambridge / Edexcel syllabus ONLINE / Home visit (Individual) classes 2 hours per week Crash Course (4-6 months) 10yrs past papers practiced Extra reading material provided 5 yrs experience in private tutoring with guaranteed results BSc Hons (Biomed 2:1), MBA, Reading MSc Pysch tutoring is adapted to fit each tutee`s personality and ability and specific academic needs. lessons include PowerPoint presentations, videos, demonstrations, and practical activities to engage and motivate different types of learners. Lesson tools and resources vary depending on the topic, comprising of the use of past question papers, online activities, and using everyday experiences to reinforce new ideas.

Subjects or Courses
Classes are conducted in following languages

English Medium 


Ordinary Level (Edexcel & Cambridge) Advanced Level (Edexcel & Cambridge) 

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Private (Individual) Class Online Classes via Internet 
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Athurugiriya Dehiwala Godagama Habarakada Kohuwala Kottawa Watareka 

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