OL and AL History Online Classes Started

Ms. Amalki Nayanathara
BA (Hons) University of Kelaniya
Experience : 1 year
Occupation : University/ College Student

AL හෝ OL වලට ඉතිහාසය උගන්නන්න හොඳ ගුරුවරයෙක් හොයනව ද ? එහෙනම් අපේ විශේෂ පංතියට පැමිණ වෙනස වටහාගන්න.

Subjects or Courses
Classes are conducted in following languages

Sinhala Medium 


Grade 6 to 9 (Local) Ordinary Level (Local) Advanced Level (Local) 

Offered Classes
Online Classes via Internet 
Venue or Location
All Island  

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