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Ms. Sithumini Wijesooriya
BIT UCSC (undergraduate ), HNDIT (SLIATE), BSc Topup in IT (undergraduate)
Experience : 1 year
Occupation : University/ College Student
Age : 24 Years old

Im teaching on my style..As a example,On mathematics subject I will do many questions and practice the student to slove the problem by their own style and try to practice remebering methods. Maths is very easy subject when ypu have practice it too much.dnt try to do the problems on same method. On ICT subject, it is sometimes logical and we have to understand some theories on your way and it is practical subject.I think ICT is the best subject for you now to learn very well.because now everything will be gone from ICT as well as Mathematics Thank you.

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Grade 6 to 9 (Local) 

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