Chemestry and Combined Mathematics Theory , Revision Class for 2021/2022 A/L students #Individual #group

Mr. Kasun Buddhika
Undergraduate Student, Advanced Laval :- Chemistry A , Combined Mathematics B
Experience : One Year
Occupation : Full Time Tutor
Age : 22 Years old

Theory and Revision 2021/2022 A/L සරලව සහ පහසුවෙන් මග හැරුනු පාඩම් කොටස් සාකච්චා කිරිම Past Papers සාකච්චා කිරිම

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Sinhala Medium 


Advanced Level (Local) 

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Private (Individual) Class Group Class Online Classes via Internet 
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Matugama Agalawatta Alutgama Dombagoda 

Reference No : 005665
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