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Mrs. Kaushali Uduwela
Associate Wendy Whatmore Academy Was attached to The International School in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Experience : 5 years
Occupation : Full Time Tutor

We do know how important it is to know our English. It opens up a path to greater things in life. Not only it enables one to get good marks at the term test but it makes your child the one that the teachers turn to when it's time for English day concerts, competitions held by the Education Department etc. Since most of the higher studies are done in English its important that we teach them well when young. Also fluency in English gives you that extra bit of confidence that makes work life easier . ( not saying that Sinhala need not be mastered ) Come...lay down the foundation for your kids with KAY' s Class for English . Call Kay on 0743820029 and let your child learn proper English .

Subjects or Courses
Classes are conducted in following languages

Sinhala Medium English Medium 


Grade 1 to 5 (Local) Grade 1 to 5 (International) Grade 6 to 9 (Local) 

Offered Classes
Private (Individual) Class Group Class Online Classes via Internet 
Venue or Location
Nugegoda All Island  

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