A/L BIOLOGY - Edexcel and Local examination

Ms. Q Ratnajothi
BSc Biomed (Hons-UK), MBA Gen (UK), Reading MSc Presc.Medicine Cancer (UK)
Experience : 8 years' experience in private tutoring.
Occupation : Demonstrator Uni of Brigh. UK

What We Offer: -Model Questions for Each Chapter: Our course includes meticulously crafted model questions for every chapter. - An extensive collection of supplementary reading materials to broaden your knowledge and enhance your understanding of the subject matter. - In-Depth Analysis of Theories: Dive deep into the theories, providing insight and making complex concepts easier to comprehend. - Tutoring Adapted to Fit Your Personality and Ability: understanding that each student is unique. - Reinforce New Ideas Through Papers: Practice makes perfect! We reinforce new ideas and concepts through carefully curated papers. - Interactive Lessons: engaging and interactive, using PPT, video demo & online simulation tools. Whatsapp +447435755629

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