Physics A/L Online (English/Sinhala Medium)

Mr. Rinsly Thennakoon
PG.Dip in Electrical Engineering and BSc (Hons) degree in Engineering
Experience : 15 years
Occupation : Engineering

â—Š Student focus study plan â—Š Simple strategic teaching methods â—Š Solid knowledge from basic fundamentals â—Š Practice to the Excellency â—Š Completion of syllabus within the specified time frame â—Š confident and success being guaranteed â—Š Induced lot of engineering & medical students â—Š Mentor for physics subject and qualified electrical and mechanical engineer â—Š Teaching more than 12 years materializing lot of student's university entrance â—Š Online classes are conducted through WhatsApp,Viber,Skype,Imo,& zoom â—Š Guide to have the highest result as i have gained the highest result for the subject â—Š Graduated from University of peradeniya and Post graduation from university of moratuwa

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