A/Level Physics, Mathematics, Statistics (GCE & IGCSE) and O/Level Science, Mathematics (GCE & IGCSE))

Mr. Mohamed Ilham
The Degree of Bachelor of the Science of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Experience : 5-8 years' experience in teaching
Occupation : Engineering

I had been conducting lectures for O/L (3+5 years) and A/L students for 5 years in the weekends of my academic program and I have satisfied with the results obtained from the students.And now, I have been serving for BCAS Campus as a permanent Visiting lecturer for tertiary education awarded by Pearson in the field of Civil Engineering/ QS and having reputation and records among the students out there.Further, I was engaged with group and individual classes for Physics(National, Pearson & Cambridge, *IGCSE), Mathematics(National, Pearson & Cambridge, *IGCSE) Statistics, Science for Tech and Engineering Tech in Colombo before the prevailing situation in Sri Lanka due to COVID-19. So, I am available for full-time/part-time online classes now.

Classes are conducted in following languages

English Medium Tamil Medium 


Ordinary Level (Local) Ordinary Level (Edexcel & Cambridge) Advanced Level (Local) 
Engineering Professional 

Offered Classes
Online Classes via Internet 
Venue or Location
All Island  

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