A/L Physics/Chemistry/Combined Mathematics Online Class ( English medium )

Mr. M.I Rishard
BSc Engineering (UG) University of Peradeniya.
Experience : 4 Years
Occupation : University/ College Student
Age : 24 Years old

⭕Zoom video recordings on almost any topic in ⭕PHYSICS / COMBINE MATHEMATICS / CHEMISTRY for 2021 /2022/ 2023 theory and 2021 REVISION students. ⭕Will be very useful to students who have missed certain theory due to the prevailing situation of the country. ⭕For students who wish to cover the syllabus within a very short period of time, this is a great opportunity. ⭕In order to save time, handwritten notes will be sent in pdf format along with the lessons!⭕Tutorials and papers will be supplied lesson-wise. The experience will be very similar to that of an individual session being conducted. ⭕24hour availability to solve any subject-related issue based on the video series. ⭕Register at Whatsapp number provided in the post.250/= per session.

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