Advanced Level Physics 2024 Theory/ 2023 Revision

Mr. Bandara Iddamalgoda
Bachelor of Science
Experience : More than 20 years
Occupation : Full Time Tutor

Classes conducted by a graduate, professional tutor with 25 years of experienced. | Small groups or Individual classes could be arranged for London Edexcel OL/AS/AL | A/L (local) classes can be conducted in both Sinhala and English medium. They can be arranged as small group classes or individual classes according to the convenience. All classes will be held at an institute with classrooms with all the facilities which is very close to Trinity College, Kandy. The place is located in a safe, calm, and a quiet environment which is ideal for quality teaching and learning. | Edexcel classes will start in the last week of June for 2024/25 May examinations -- O/L, AS, and A2. | Daily fees will get charged for all classes.

Subjects or Courses
Classes are conducted in following languages

Sinhala Medium English Medium 


Advanced Level (Local) 

Offered Classes
Private (Individual) Class Group Class 
Venue or Location

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